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Real Estate Sales

Carter-Hazel Realty offers listing and marketing services for residential & commercial properties throughout the Metropolitan Atlanta Area. During the past 12 years, we have developed a reputation as the “go to” real estate company when time is truly of the ¬†essence. You owe it to yourself to hire a company that is knowledgeable, ethical, and looks out for your best interest. Carter-Hazel Realty is that company!

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Residential & Commercial Appraisals

Carter-Hazel & Associates, Inc. is a premier provider of real estate appraisals including employee relocation, property tax appeal, bankruptcy settlement, estate settlement, general assessment, listing/sell price, eminent domain/condemnation, and HUD/FHA, conventional, and small commercial properties.

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Affordable Housing

In coordination with local and regional stakeholders, Carter-Hazel Realty is actively involved in creating and sustaining affordable housing throughout Georgia. There are numerous programs being offered by housing agencies in the major metropolitan regions throughout Georgia including Atlanta, Albany, Macon, and others. Please contact us directly should you desire specific information about these special housing initiatives.

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Market Direction

Contact us today to find out whether home values in your neighborhood are increasing! Send email to info@carter-hazel.com

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