Carter-Hazel Realty is a premier provider of asset management and property preservation services including occupancy inspections, broker price opinions, lock change-outs, re-keying, estimating cost-to-cure, emergency repairs, routine minor repairs, routine maintenance, and marketing services.

We consider ourselves to be responsible members of the community, and we take that responsibility seriously. One of the most important things that we can do to support the community, and our clients, is to help keep property values up. This is advantageous to all stakeholders including property owners, mortgage holders, insurance companies, and service providers such as Carter-Hazel Realty.

Some of the ways that we keep property values up is by maintaining a professional landscape, elimination of items of deferred maintenance, and avoiding boarding-up properties. The policy of boarding-up properties is frequently employed by default servicing or mortgage companies as a perceived method of protecting their investment. However, this is usually a false sense of security and typically results in a significantly reduced return on investment because this practice lowers overall neighborhood home values that will eventually impact the selling price of the subject property.

Carter-Hazel Realty recommends that vacant properties give the appearance that they are occupied. This can be achieved through attention to detail including lawn maintenance, removing newspapers & mailings from public view, physical maintenance of the dwelling, selective security lighting, and even staging of vehicles for high value properties.

When considering an asset management and property preservation company, you owe it to yourself to hire a knowledgeable, ethical company. Carter-Hazel Realty is that company!