Carter-Hazel & Associates understands your local real estate market because we use industry-leading datasets to analyze how a given area is developing and see where new opportunities are for market entry or future expansion.

A detailed market analysis explores neighborhood characteristics such as location type, development rate, present land use, property price range, predominate occupancy, employment trends, environmental conditions, external obsolescence, property compatibility, quality of schools, vacancy rates, and transportation infrastructure.

Market trends analysis includes historic trends utilizing geographic, economic or price range criteria to define a market segment. Factors to be considered include new construction
competition, distressed market competition, prevalence of seller concessions, adverse financing conditions, and mortgage interest rates.

Historic price trends provide a historical analysis of price trends relevant to developing the market change adjustment in the sales comparison analysis. Defines each specific time period
considered relevant to the analysis including year-over-year comparisons, monthly absorption rate, total number of closed sales, mean sales price, and mean days-on-market. We use historic
price trends and current price trends to develop a forecasting model. Forecasting is the process of analyzing historical trends and current factors as a basis for anticipating market trends.
Carter-Hazel & Associates is your central (market) intelligence agency for the State of Georgia.