Carter-Hazel Realty of Atlanta offers first in class default management services to clients such as HUD, VA, VRM, Wells Fargo Bank, Fannie Mae, Clear Capital, Green River Capital, Old Republic Default Management Services, US Bank, 24 Asset Management, HSBC, Bank of America, and Chase Bank. Our default management services include:

  • Using cutting-edge technology to effectively market and sell foreclosure and pre-foreclosure properties.
  • Prompt, accurate valuations including broker price opinions.
  • Occupancy inspections supported by real-time photographs.
  • Reliable estimated cost-to-cure for pending repairs and renovations.
  • Customized construction project management services.
  • Routine maintenance for managed properties.
  • Property preservation services for managed properties.
  • Miscellaneous services including yard sign installation.

We customize our service offerings per client request. Please allow us to exceed your expectations!