Carter-Hazel Realty is a premier provider of marketing services for residential and commercial properties for Central and North Georgia which incorporates the Greater Metropolitan Atlanta Area. We use cutting-edge technology to effectively market and sell properties quickly. Approximately 75% of our listings are under contract within the initial 30 day window. If our listings are not under contract within 30 days, at the price we determine, we offer the opportunity for a reduction in our commission fee.

Listing prices should be based upon market driven data that is typically compiled using a listing appraisal or broker price opinion. Unreasonably high listing prices are not in the best interest of our clients since listings that are on the market longer than 30 days tend to develop a “stigma association”. In other words, potential buyers may wonder “why hasn’t that house sold?”

Carter-Hazel Realty will not accept a listing unless the seller agrees to a listing price that is supported by the local market data including recent neighborhood sales, pending or “pipeline projects”, and projected growth patterns (i.e., major highway construction) as discerned from the effective use of “big data”.

When selecting a real estate brokerage, you should select a knowledgeable, ethical firm that will look out for your best interest without undue regard for a potential real estate commission. Carter-Hazel Realty is that company!