Carter-Hazel & Associates is only as great as the vision of the one who leads the company. We are very pleased with our past accomplishments, but we are very optimistic and enthused about what lies ahead. 


Horace Carter

President & Founder

Following an successful naval career spanning twenty years, Mr. Carter decided to focus on real estate. His leadership, expertise, and commitment to excellence has guided this company to new heights with each passing year.


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Terrence Carter

Vice President

A licensed real estate professional with an appraisal background, Mr. Carter carries a particular interest in finance. 

Our Team

Our  team consists of trained professionals of a variety of disciplines ready to execute. Our team is composed of very diverse group of individuals, some of whom are involved in contracting, commercial leasing, residential sales, investment, and valuation. We are prepared to serve. Let us know if you are interested in buying or selling anywhere in Georgia, or anywhere else.  Thanks!

Khayam R. Hines
Rehabilitation Facility Specialist & Valuation Analyst

With over 12 years experience in the fitness and rehabilitation field, Khayam R. Hines is a nationally recognized natural pro athlete who holds various titles with The National Gym Association (NGA), Supernatural Body Building Federation (SNBF), International Fitness  & Physique Association (IFPA), and One World United (OWU). In 2004, after suffering a knee injury and being told by doctors that this injury could potentially hinder him from ever walking normal again, Khayam began to research and educate himself on techniques for increasing his body strength, reducing stress and promoting long-term changes towards a healthy lifestyle. With this newly found passion for helping others attain their health and physical fitness
goals, Khayam went on to pursue and obtain his Personal Training Certificationfro m the International Sports Medicine Association (ISMA) in 2007. Since receiving initial certification, Khayam has trained and helped over 100 individuals meet their
fitness goals and has competed in over 11 body building championship events at the national, regional and local levels. In more recent years, Khayam has become a franchise owner of multiple Anytime Fitness gyms. As a hands-on franchise owner, Khayam has not only designed the layout of his gym facilities and handpicked each piece of equipment in efforts to provide his gym members with the very beste xperience but he also continues to impact their lives daily by providing individualized meal plans, rehabilitation and conditioning for gym members of all
ages. When he’s not training, educating, and running his gym facilities, Khayam enjoys his role as a state registered real estate appraiser and spending time with his family.

Elleni Asseged, Realtor, 
Carter-Hazel Realty
Elleni Asseged, Realtor, Carter-Hazel Realty

Elleni Asseged

Residential  Relocation Specialist 

Elleni is a driven, energetic, top producing Realtor with more than 5 years of real estate experience. Highly adept at building excellent working relationships with other real estate agents, buyers, sellers, lenders, appraisers, title companies, attorneys, and relocation companies.

Summary of Skills

  • Relocation Specialist
  • Skilled mediator and negotiator
  • Strong multi-tasking skills
  • Excellent communicator
  • Highly professional
  • People oriented
  • Strong information technology skills.

 ​Professional Experience

  • Show residential properties, explaining the features, value, and benefits of available homes.
  • Assist clients with leasing of homes, retail and entertainment space.
  • Assist clients with corporate relocation service.
  • Listing agent for sellers, investors, and estate sales.
  • Successfully guides home sellers and buyers through the sales process.
  • Advertises properties to the general public via networking.
  • Writes contractual documents, addendums, purchase agreements, and closing statements.
  • Negotiates contracts and coordinates with lenders and attorneys.
  • Verifies that legal formalities have been completed prior to transaction closing.
  • Maintains high referral rates and exceptional feedback from previous clients.

Additional Skills

  • Assists with data management and data cleaning to ensure data quality prior to sharing or release.
  • Determines what data can be released and/or shared while ensuring client privacy and confidentiality.

Formal Education

  • Addis Ababa University
  • Catholic Cathedral-Nativity School


  •  Licensed Real Estate Agent, Georgia

Derick Lane, MBA
Healthcare Facilities Design Specialist

During the past 20 years+, Derick has successfully balanced his private sector career, military career, and family life including a successful tour in Kandahar, Afghanistan, where he received numerous citations for “Exceptional Service Beyond the Call of
Duty”; specifically, praised for his support in the design and stand-up of a patient-centered clinic in support of Operation Enduring Freedom 2015; coordinated a successful NATO Multi-National Mass Casualty Exercise that resulted in a 50% increase in overall medical readiness; provided an in-depth, data-supported best
practices white paper to executive management with the goal of minimizing healthcare data breaches in the battlefield.

Subject Matter Expert:

  • Proven ability to support healthcare facility design that is consistent with the client’s vision, and objectives.
  • Effectively employs current technologies to enhance the client’s understanding of Critical Access in urban and rural environments.
  • Provides direction and supervision in infection control through proper facility design.
  • Possesses an in-depth knowledge of supply chain management in the healthcare environment.
  • SME in areas of outpatient diagnostics, and therapeutics services. 
  • Proven ability to assist with hospital and clinic development, design, and planning.
  • Unique ability to increase efficiency and revenue employing informed 3D facility design.

Formal Education 

  • Masters of Business Administration, Strayer University, Greensboro, NC
  • Bachelors of Science Medical Technology, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, NC

Accreditations & Professional Memberships

  • American Society of Clinical Pathologists
  • Medical Technology Board of Registry
  • American Society of Clinical Sciences

Military Service

  • Served in Kandahar, Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, 2015.
  • Lieutenant Commander, Medical Service Corps, U. S. Navy Reserve. Honorably

Feneca J. Carter
Healthcare Facilities Design Specialist

Having spent the past 30 years developing her skill set in healthcare and accounting, Feneca is uniquely qualified to provide design and compliance support to public and private sector clients who are seeking cost effective measures to increase patient access in urban and rural environments. Feneca has successfully balanced her career, and family life which has resulted in immeasurable value to employers, clients, and family. Specific accomplishments include leading an interdisciplinary team that made structural changes to the healthcare facility’s CDM coding for cardiac catheterization laboratory procedures, and authored a “summary of best practices” that resulted in increased safety and efficiency in transporting patients from the heli-pad.

Subject Matter Expert:

  • Proven ability to support healthcare facility design from a patient centered
  • Possesses an in-depth knowledge of Critical Access methodologies in urban and rural environments.
  • Routinely provides direction and supervision in infection control through proper facility design.
  • Expert knowledge of the U. S. healthcare delivery system including heli-pad (“hot
    off-load”) of critically ill patients, emergency management, patient monitoring, IVt herapy, etc.
  • SME in the areas of joint medical planning including mass casualty patient receiving, handling, and the “disaster response wheel”. 
  • Lead an interdisciplinary team that made structural changes to CDM coding for cardiac catheterization procedures.
  • Possesses an in-depth knowledge of the “golden hour” protocol as it pertains tom anagement of critically ill patients.
  • SME in the performance of peripheral diagnostics and interventional procedures.

Formal Education

  • Associate of Science Degree Cardiovascular Technology, Edison University, Fort
    Myers, FL
  • Associate of Science Degree Computer Science, Smith-Deal Massey Business
    College, Richmond, VA
  • Certified Professional Coder, Chronicles Billing School, Stockbridge, GA

Accreditations & Professional Memberships

  •  Registered Cardiac Invasive Specialist (RCIS)
  • Certified Professional Coder (CPC)
James Kosek photo

James Kosek
Director of Information Technology Innovation
Senior Project Manager

During the past 20+ years, James has been involved in almost all phases of the bleeding edge to late adopters and believes process, communication, consensus building is key to driving sustainable relationships.  Leading projects covering a full range of IT related projects from basic to complex from modest to multi-million dollar deployments.  Led interactions from key stakeholders to C-Level leading all technical aspects of project delivery: manpower allocation and usage against budget, supervision of project team and meeting delivery schedule. Routinely coordinates with other areas in IT to ensure that dependencies are managed and adjustments are made to communicate accurate project status; and makes recommendations to executive management with regards to hardware and/or software solutions for known or potential systems enhancements and/or improvements. James possesses demonstrated ability to provide leadership and motivation to teams and hold team members accountable for results; and possesses a unique combination of domain expertise, operational excellence, and an innovative technology skill set that delivers process improvement and actionable business insights to clients.

Summary of Skills

  • Project manager responsibilities toward achieving quick wins first.
  • Strong information technology skills and communications skills.
  • Assess and assign projects and change requests based on scope, effort and delivery dates, collaborating with operations and development partners as needed to deliver requirements for multiple size projects.
  • Proven success at setting challenging team goals and employing S.M.A.R.T. method goal setting. 
  • Artificial Intelligence experience with Afiniti.
  • Experience with security for Premise-based, Cloud Deployments and Data Center Space.
  • Experience with stand-alone, handheld GPS satellite navigation mapping devices for use by walkers, cyclists, mountain rescue, emergency services, and the military.
  • Experience working with universities and municipalities.
  • Customer Support and Tech Space.
  • Partnered with Verizon, AT&T and CenturyLink.
  • Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, Oracle experience.
  • Proficient with MS Office products.

 ​Professional Experience

  • Leads teams that are tasked with data management and data cleaning to ensure data quality prior to sharing or release
  • Leads teams that are tasked with determining what data can be released and/or shared while ensuring client privacy and confidentiality.

Formal Education

  • Bachelor of Science Degree Marketing, Northern Illinois University
  • Automatic Data Processing; Trained on intercompany interfacing practices

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